Christmas Gifts Round 2

After much debate, and because I couldn't find the things for my original idea, here is what the nephews in my life are getting for Christmas this year....

Asa's getting an camo fabric covered journal/notebook

For Noah, a pirate inspired one
(his notebook has room for drawing pics too)

And, then there is my yearly battle of what to get for my cousin. I'm just not good with the whole boy thing so, yes, he too is getting a fabric journal just slightly more "grown-up" for his 18 year oldness.

The covers are reversible too. This is Erik's other cover choice. For the other 2 notebooks I used plain cotton for the reverse to save on cost. The best thing about this project is that once you work the kinks out (yeah I cut out and sewed the first one a couple of times), it's fast, easy, and fun. Of course the cut from the rotary cutter took the fun factor down a few notches, but none the less, it was a good time. I got the directions here.