After last week being taken over be sewing and then being on the computer for almost an entire day, my house blew up. I'm sure you know exactly what I are parted to create paths to walk through the rooms, there's a slightly sticky spot on the kitchen floor because you just wiped up the spilt juice instead of washing it right away, and there's so much laundry the hamper is no where to be found. I also had my nephews here on Saturday for a sleep over and needless to say, the living room looked like a war zone when I woke up on Sunday.

So I spent Monday just straightening the house up, besides me sewing machine was buried under a mountain of fabric and projects to sew, and then today I cleaned it. Which now's time to break out the projects....which also means this cycle is going to start all over again!

I did finish 2 more coloring wallets for my nieces last night, so their gifts are completely done now and just need to be wrapped. And here are 2 other projects I finished:

This is the reverse side of the keychain

And this is the scarf I made for Abe's mom

I went and bought the gray and pink corderoy, black shirting, and I splurged for the pink silk. (The rest was from projects never made, and I know I'm not the only one with those!)
Off to go shovel, again, so I can get out of the driveway...ugh


lazy.jane said...

LOVE the scarf. The keychains are cute, too! But seriously... LOVE the scarf!