Now I Can't Wait

I had used my machine so much in December, that I thought I would want a break from it. I took it in last week for it's yearly maintenance, and now I can't wait to get it back! I already have this project cut out, and fabric bought for a new bag and change purse. And next week I'm picking up this pattern and this one (which would be a very cute jacket pattern but now I can't remember where I found it so insert your imagination here) for the girls. Now to find the perfect fabric for those.....

Her First Project

Eve has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, and insisted on helping with making the present. I was slightly hesitant with this, because I wasn't ready to share my baby with her. Only one other person, who had never touched a sewing machine before, has used mine, and even then I was nervous. But what could she really do?
First we cut it out, which she got to use my rotary cutter, and she thought it was cool. Then she picked out the font for her "B". I made sure that she got to help with each step, except the ironing because she fell asleep! I couldn't even sew it together while she was at school! I let her sew two of the seams and I did the zipper. I think her own machine is right around the corner. And here is her design for her friend Bridget:

We put some hair clips and a hair stay with the same butterfly print inside her little zipper pouch. What a lucky friend!

When we Had Christmas..There was Warmth

So a week after getting back we finally got around to the girls opening their gifts. Of course, Abe being himself, fell asleep before his turn to open his present. So yes he is about 20% awake in his picture...

(Obviously this is 0% awake)

And yes I have a project to put together and share with you, but I'm lacking motavation to actually do it, besides check out my closet project.