My Scarf

So after almost buying the book I needed 5 different times and checking daily to see if one had been returned, I finally got the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book I put on hold a month ago from the library. And if you think I'm kidding about the suspense I was in until I got the book I'm not!

So I get the call, pick the book up, and then don't even get to crack it open for a day because I had to work the night I got it. Of course the next day was spent looking through the book and planning out my scarf.

I'm pretty sure the fabric is all from the same collection in shades of red, cream, and black cotton. I lined the back with a cream flannel. I also did a black zig-zag stitch on the seams to add a little to the cream side.

Abe thought he wouldn't have to buy me the book now since I had gotten it from the library, but he is sadly mistaken because I'm in love with this book and need to have it for my very own. There are way to many things I want to make. Thank you Erin for the tip on this book. I may become a quilter after all!!!

P.S. Just in time for winter....scarf number 2 on the way!!


Nate and Elizabeth said...

SO cute! Love it! Bring that book and Ruby my way! :)