We are NOT Getting Along

So the above, aka Ruby, and I are supposed to be tight, you know like BFFs. We are supposed to compliment each other and work hand in hand making the other one happy. Well one of us is NOT living up to their end of the deal, and it's not me just so you know.

Last night I wanted to start a project with Eve. She was going to sew all the straight edges and I was going to put the zipper in. No prob! I've put zippers in a ton of times with no 4 letter words crossing my lips and images of the sewing machine flying out the window. But yesterday after breaking 3 needles within seconds of each other, I had to just walk away before the mental image of the flying machine became reality. Abe suggested I needed to have someone show me how to put a zipper in. Yes this is the way I learn- monkey see, monkey do. The whole monkey read directions with accompanied illustrations doesn't really work for me.

So today I may try it again, although my needle supply is down to 3 extra. And aside from the needles breaking, I can't seem to get very close to the zipper. I'm just not getting any love from Ruby and her zipper foot. Hopefully my next attempt goes better. And I'm definitely going to try it when I don't have an 8 year old audience, just in case I have to get creative.

Tollipop Give-Away

I think give-aways are the best! Although I have yet to actually win one, each one does have a winner, at least that's what we are led to believe. But you want to make sure you get in on this one. It starts out 3 paintings in frames all ready for your wall and then she just kept adding and adding. So yes go quickly, enter here, and good luck.

Easter Outfits Completed and Other things Completed in a Week

Although I finished the last skirt 30 minutes before we left for church, I finished it. The day before we were in Joann's, Sara saw that same pink that I used for her jacket, grabbed the bolt, and said, "My jacket." I was amazed that she could put it all together. Leigha was already asking me when she could wear hers to school (no surprise there), and we decided next week for star of the day. Eve informed me that she doesn't like to dress up anymore so this may never see the light of day on her body again.
Sara in pink and not having anything to do with picture taking, Eve in green wanting to change so she can ride bike, Leigha in purple just waiting to spin

This week I also made my niece her birthday present. Although I didn't actually see her open it, Chuckie Cheese is quite overwhelming, I did hear she wanted to try it on right away so that must mean she liked it. I appliqued a "H" for Hope on the shirt (thanks Wal-mart), made a simple skirt with an elastic waist, and matching hair clip.

Although I wanted to give my sewing machine a break, I just got this cool patchwork material for a skirt for myself so I may be a little busy with that for awhile. I also picked up some gray jersey to try to make a skirt from the Alabama Stitch Book. I also got this red minky on sale for my first ever quilt. Which is going to be this one once I collect enough polka dot material. I knew there was a reason I waited to make myself a blanket, and this is it!

This was in the spring issue of Quilts and more, which I would have never bought if I hadn't seen it at the hockey coach's house. I'm going to have to rework the pattern a bit so I can make it bigger, but that's easy right?

While Eve was at Grandma's house for a few days over break I also got her room painted and her bed set up for her. I hauled the desk up to her room too. When we got home from the game Thursday night I sent her up for p.j.s, she didn't stop smiling for over an hour. I found out yesterday that she was so excited she almost peed her pants!! I'll post some pics of her room after the crib's out of there and curtains are made/up.

I wanted to post with a picture but not sure I could find one that really portrays the chaos that is going on inside my head. Sewing and craftiness is at a stand still. I realized something was wrong when I was trying to cut 8 curved petals into the fabric and was somehow getting 6 cubes. Time to put the scissors down and breath.... and speaking of breathing there is less than 2 weeks to finish 2 outfits!!!!!