Whirly Twirly 80's

Once I started cutting, I just couldn't stop. And what was supposed to be a simple twirly skirt turned into pleats, tucks, and a zipper. Yeah wish I could take that part back now that I think the zipper is broke! But she's in love with it and is all smiles over it. Yes all smiles as she leaves a trail of glitter all over the house, again what was I thinking!?!

I think all it needs now is a side pony tail all ratted up and some of those short high heeled boots and maybe fishnet fingerless gloves and she's ready for an 80's Madonna video.

She went for clips, curls, and clomp shoes instead!

Scissors Please

So this is one of Leigha's gifts for her big day coming up. Doesn't it look like a beautiful sparkly princess skirt? Yeah I know. Not so much. I'm just not sure where to start and with the remaining budget of $0 there is no room for error, which actually seems to creep it's way into every one of my projects. Will keep you posted on the progress, that is if I get brave enough to pick up the scissors!

Easter Outfits

This is what has been keeping me busy...

Sara's outfit got to be the trial one only because it would use the least amount of material in case I had a major mishap and had to start over. Sara is so different in shape from my other two, that alas, I think this will look better on Leigha and Eve. Stay tuned for #2 and #3.

The jacket was McCall's 5697 and the skirt was a combination of the lazy day skirt, Erin's skirt, and an idea of my own.

Of course with just my vision the skirt was slightly trying, pinning the glittery top layer on backwards didn't help either. After seeing it together, it really needed a straighter fitting skirt. But maybe on someone with a little height and a little less belly it will look different.