A Great Give-Away and What's Accomplished

I'm not sure there is anything better than waking up on a Monday morning and seeing that there's a lady (or 2!) having a great give-away. Not only can you win a pattern, but also $25 towards fabric!!!! And she has a wide variety to choose from, trust me I have an "I want" list started. This could be an awesome give-away to win, and for my birthday too!!! Check it out here.

And now if that wasn't exciting enough check out my latest accomplishments:

A wrist cuff using this pattern. It's not as wide as her pattern, but when I made my patch work pieces it was to small to use the whole pattern, yet another kink to work out next time.

I picked up a magazine last summer while on vacation, and it had this pattern in there. After I made my fronts, I could see how people can love making quilts! These squares turned out sooo cute! And because I'm currently having a love affair with polka dots it makes me love them more.

Backs of the super cute pot holders!!

Sara's Cute Shirt

Try all I could to just get her to stand and smile at me!!! I'm so in love with this pattern. I think it's really a p.j. top pattern, but when you make it, you make it what YOU want it to be. There is definitely more of these in the future....

It only Took one Day...

..to finish and now my 2 year old insists this is hers, boy is she wrong!

All the pieces finally cut out (and figuring this out was sooo fun)

We interrupt this sewing for --handles-- Apparently I overlooked this somewhat important part of my bag

And look there's the pin cushion I made from this pattern. I'm so excited that I finally get to describe something I made as "wonky"!! I now understand the definition of this word, sort of unfortunate yes, but here is my wonky pin cushion and yeah my handles for my bag

Ready to be turned, or as I like to say, birthed

Yeah for me! This isn't the shape I pictured and the polka dots section isn't they way I imagined. I'm not surprised that it's not my exact vision, but no one else knows this isn't what I was dreaming of

A recessed zipper

I put more pockets in this one to try to keep track of the small stuff (and keys!!)

I've seen so many cool quilts with just random pieces wherever so I put some random placed and sized polka dots on my straps.

i WILL accomplish this

Today is the day I master (ok let's be honest- attempt) the recessed zipper purse I want to make. Hopefully I don't make the simple things to mind boggle-ing for myself.
Keep you posted!

Coin Purse Number 2

After much experimentation with the first one, this one was made on the first go around. And I recently stumbled upon this tutorial which would have been a blessing 2 weeks ago!! Although I still think my zipper has issues (the ends) it's functional and that's about all that matters right?

I'm going to make a bag to match this little lovely coin purse too. I have it planned in my head (uh-ohhh). I know I want a zipper closure because to many times I bend over to pick up Sara and somehow my bag flips upside down and half the house falls out. How this happens, I don't know, but if you knew me you wouldn't question it, most clumsy and awkward things do happen to me and usually in front of crowds. Back to the zipper- so how am I going to do this? Well on that same blog she has a tutorial for a recessed zipper that I want to try. This woman may just be a genius!

On the Mend

I finally got around to mending some of the things just waiting for my attention. I was dreading pulling this out to work on because it was a bunch of seams that needed fixing or holes that needed some patches. And not to mention that I had to change thread/bobbins a million times to match the colors with what was there. This has been piling up for so long- the Barbie dresses needed straps fixed (3+yr), I think Eve wore that pink skirt when she was 4, she's 8 now, the cow pajamas were a more recent incident were Leigha was the dog and they ripped the straps trying to hold her back. I fixed some issues with denim skirts, a hem on the blue and white dress. and then finally turned those green plaid shorts into a skirt for Eve (bought those when she was in first grade for her, aka 2 years ago). Feeling pretty good because this was about 1/2 the things I needed to fix. I think I'm ready to tackle a project for myself now. And I'm going to attempt to figure out Etsy, and put some of my stuff for sale there. This, an Etsy shop, is another thing on my to-do list this year. Any pointers for this?

Back to Where it All Began

I can't remember how old I was the first time I used this machine, maybe sixth grade. Because of the absence of mine (yearly cleaning), and the irresistible urge to make a lined coin purse, I found myself in front of my grandma's sewing machine. I would like to say that I was successful at making it, but that is not the case. I started over 3 times and still couldn't figure it out. It was only after my husband helped me that I saw what needed to be done, (I knew there was a reason I married him!). So Sunday while America was watching the Super Bowl, I was on round 4 with this thing. And, unfortunately before I mailed it to Elizabeth, I forgot to take a picture of the completed purse. :( But, since I do plan on making more I'm sure I'll get a picture of one of them.