What's Keeping me Busy

Lately I've been trying to get the Christmas gift list dwindled down. The girls are getting blankets, very basic blankets, and pajamas. The blankets are yet to come, but here are 2 of the nightgowns I have done.

I made them from the same pattern, but of course no one wanted the same sleeves. Leigha's are a ruffle, Sara's are short, and Eve wants long sleeves. It's a black thermal material with hearts, roses, skulls, and a few small sayings on them. Obviously I had no say in this fabric!

I'm waiting for there to be gifts for grandparents here. There are so many fun and easy to make gift ideas here. I wish it was a book that I could own and flip through the pages and see all the photos up close. On a side note- I just checked and today is grandparents day!!! I am so happy I even let out a little shout of joy!!