Getting My Life Back

So I've been back to work for a few months now, guess I should find a routine now right? I've felt so antsy and just crazy that I thought I would just get rid of my machine because I can't stand to look at it. And then there's this whole blog thing.... It was going great and I could post regularly. First my camera stopped uploading abilities, I started working nights so my blogging days turned into cleaning and sleeping days.

How shall I fix this???

oliver + s Love

When these patterns are for sale, I promise I will buy them! Oh thank you oliver + s for your amazing designs!

I bought a dress like this for Leigha, but Eve's size was too short so I have to make this for her. Besides it is way cute in this gingham!

This is perfect for Wisconsin, and it has the option to add quilted liners etc. I do need to say I am a bit intimidated though, but I believe I can.

Note to Self

Dear Self,
Until further notice you ARE NOT allowed to purchase more fabric for projects. That is until you finish 85% (it sounded like a good %, you know about B level) of the projects that you already have cut/planned/or bought. Yes, we know your love for fabric is great, but just think of the satisfaction you'll get when you see your finished creations in everyday life and not just your dreams. And of course there are the "oohs and ahhhs" that are sure to follow, which you can never get enough of!

Remember this,

Simplicity 2711

and this,

or how about the one you picked up today,

Yes these want your attention!!!!
Also on my plate is attempting shirring. I picked up the elastic thread today, and of course fabric for the project. Which I think is going to be a skirt. I saw one here , and a million other places I can't remember, so I'm thinking of giving it ago. Plus I think I might like a skirt with this kind of waist because it wouldn't create "the roll" like regular elastic waists tend to do on me.

I'd also like to try to make something like this, minus the $34.50 price tag LL Bean has on it.

I've seen so many reconstructions of clothes lately, it's making me feel confident that I could try something like this. Especially after I master elastic thread!

And then there's this,

I saw this pattern and fell in love with it! I wish I lived when clothes were beautiful. The women wore dresses that were flattering and full, and sometimes had a hat to match. And gloves, gloves would be amazing! So to pay tribute to my love of beautiful things, I waited for this to go on sale and bought it for $4. When my list of projects is done, this will be the first one on the new to do list. Does that even make sense? A new list for when the old list is done? Well anyway this is the reward for making it through what I've gotten started already.

Ok time to get sewing!

In my head I want to sew, and I can even speak it. But when it comes to actually doing it, I can't find myself there. Looking for some reason for this odd behavior, I've decided it's going back to work full time after 4 years of not really working. I still can't find a routine that works and that it's summer isn't helping the matter. Sew or go play in the sun at the pool? pool. Sew or visit blogs I never get to read anymore? Read blogs. Sew or do the 2 days worth of dishes? Dishes. See what I mean?

And it's like I want to, but I don't. Ever feel like that?

I did buy the Jane Market Bag pattern, and spent to much money on fabric for the bags, so maybe I should tackle that project so I don't feel like it was money wasted. I mean I love fabric stash, but I should love using it more right?

Oh why me and A fun Craft- Forward for You!

I have projects done, not oodles, but done and pictures ready to load. Why me and why my camera and all things included with this hate me is unknown. I just want to take pictures, load them, and blog about my craft adventures. And my camera wants me to create, take pictures, and hog them all to itself. Not fair! Not fair I say, you must share. So while I work on figuring out a way to get this to work a bring you this....


Craft it Forward is sort of like the movie "Pay It Forward." The object is to do something nice "just because."

Here is the fine print: The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

* I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I will do my best.
* it will be done in the next couple of weeks or maybe months (hey it's summer)
* you have no clue what it’s going to be - that’s the fun part! But it will be handmade.

It could be a handsewn item, stationary personalized for you, baked goods from my kitchen. So basically it's something you won't find on the shelf at your local big chain store. What will it be? You’ll have to wait and see! I reserve the right to do/make whatever seems fun but sane at the time.

In return, all you need to do is post this text into your own blog and make 5 things for 5 others. (If you don't blog you could send a mass e-mail to friends and craft for the first 5 respondents.) What could be more fun! Some ideas you could do for others: artwork, CD’s, burn a DVD, write a poem, crochet a scarf, make a mini book, send a photograph (a printed one, not e-mailed. etc…).

If you are interested, leave a comment below with your email address (if you don’t have a blog-based email address and are not comfortable leaving your personal email address, you can also email me at jrae_228 (at) yahoo (dot) com). Craft on and craft it forward!

I found out about this wonderful from from Becky at Sew in Stitches. Check her out!

Promised Pictures

Here are the skirts I made using this pattern.

This was fabric I bought one late night online from Fat Quarter Shop. This is the Treetop Fancy for Free Spirit. Online it looked like it would be such a cute skirt and in

Abe thinks the aqua band at the bottom doesn't match. I told him it does, it's the same line, and really it's staying that way!

Leigha got to pick from Treetop Fancy or this Moda Sultry, and her pick was the more pink of the 2! From the directions I added an extra row and only went 6 wide. Leigha's only 5, and with the band it's mid-calf, so I suggest measuring your child first (which I did NOT do with Eve and ended up reworking her skirt, which still needs a little adjustment) and go from there.

She mentioned her ties seemed short and wished she cut them longer. I cut mine the same length as the directions and added a leftover square to the end of each tie.. that way it had that pieced look like the skirt and was a bit longer.

And now because I'm terrible at getting the girls in for pictures... when it was one child no problem, but as we kept adding it seemed more and more forgotten! I need to get a 5 year picture of Leigha for in the living room. These were taken at the park at her school picnic. Which one is your favorite?

It's kinda blurry and off center..wish it would have turned out better!

Loved the clouds, but is the hair in the wind to crazy? And I'm not sure how much it looks like a smile.

Thought this one was good, aside from her ear.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

It also makes my house get clean and some sewing done!

School is done for Leigha, just a picnic tomorrow, and Eve goes until Thursday and she's done for the year. And then I'll have to reshuffle the daily to-dos, the want-tos, and the not-really-going-to-happens around to try to keep chaos at a minimal.

I have the top done on the quilt and it's pinned. Now I need to learn how to quilt....

Pictures tomorrow as I need to get Eve and get ready for work!