When a girl's heart breaks...sew a skirt

So last week Friday Eve had here concert at school. She called Grandma Helen to invite her, but she had to work and said she'd come to the one at church. As soon as Eve hung up the phone her face tightened up, her eyes squinted shut, and she started to cry. And it was the kind that comes from way down deep in your stomach. I couldn't take seeing her cry, but this apparently was heartbreaking to her, so I decided to surprise her with a new skirt to wear for the concert. I used this pattern for hers.

I added an additional inches to the skirt, and if I make it again, I'll add a bit more because this just touches her knee. And of course the other 2 couldn't be left out, but I opted for this simplier pattern with a bit of modification to the hem. On the next 2 I also added ric-rac to the hem band and skirt seam.

This one used a lot less material hence it's not was twirly (shhhhh). But I'm not sure this cut would look as good on an 8 year old as it does on someone younger. And Sara was unavailable for a solo pic. View following for reason why:


bethany said...

Cute skirts-love the fabric-Hobby Lobby is the best!! :)