On the Mend

I finally got around to mending some of the things just waiting for my attention. I was dreading pulling this out to work on because it was a bunch of seams that needed fixing or holes that needed some patches. And not to mention that I had to change thread/bobbins a million times to match the colors with what was there. This has been piling up for so long- the Barbie dresses needed straps fixed (3+yr), I think Eve wore that pink skirt when she was 4, she's 8 now, the cow pajamas were a more recent incident were Leigha was the dog and they ripped the straps trying to hold her back. I fixed some issues with denim skirts, a hem on the blue and white dress. and then finally turned those green plaid shorts into a skirt for Eve (bought those when she was in first grade for her, aka 2 years ago). Feeling pretty good because this was about 1/2 the things I needed to fix. I think I'm ready to tackle a project for myself now. And I'm going to attempt to figure out Etsy, and put some of my stuff for sale there. This, an Etsy shop, is another thing on my to-do list this year. Any pointers for this?