Coin Purse Number 2

After much experimentation with the first one, this one was made on the first go around. And I recently stumbled upon this tutorial which would have been a blessing 2 weeks ago!! Although I still think my zipper has issues (the ends) it's functional and that's about all that matters right?

I'm going to make a bag to match this little lovely coin purse too. I have it planned in my head (uh-ohhh). I know I want a zipper closure because to many times I bend over to pick up Sara and somehow my bag flips upside down and half the house falls out. How this happens, I don't know, but if you knew me you wouldn't question it, most clumsy and awkward things do happen to me and usually in front of crowds. Back to the zipper- so how am I going to do this? Well on that same blog she has a tutorial for a recessed zipper that I want to try. This woman may just be a genius!