A Great Give-Away and What's Accomplished

I'm not sure there is anything better than waking up on a Monday morning and seeing that there's a lady (or 2!) having a great give-away. Not only can you win a pattern, but also $25 towards fabric!!!! And she has a wide variety to choose from, trust me I have an "I want" list started. This could be an awesome give-away to win, and for my birthday too!!! Check it out here.

And now if that wasn't exciting enough check out my latest accomplishments:

A wrist cuff using this pattern. It's not as wide as her pattern, but when I made my patch work pieces it was to small to use the whole pattern, yet another kink to work out next time.

I picked up a magazine last summer while on vacation, and it had this pattern in there. After I made my fronts, I could see how people can love making quilts! These squares turned out sooo cute! And because I'm currently having a love affair with polka dots it makes me love them more.

Backs of the super cute pot holders!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Jesse, the fabric arrived yesterday, you are one speedy woman! :-) Thank you so much for doing that. I am trying to decide what to send you still. I know you said pink, want new or vintage? Flowery? not so flowery?

Carrots said...

Super cute potholders. I need to make more of these for myself. I somehow manage to burn mine on the stove, it's amazing I haven't set my kitchen totally on fire! :) These would be great for using up smaller scraps. Love them. Cute, cute!

Jess said...

yes and I hate to say that last week I burned a corner of one because it was in between the pot and the burner, I swear some people shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen!!