It only Took one Day... finish and now my 2 year old insists this is hers, boy is she wrong!

All the pieces finally cut out (and figuring this out was sooo fun)

We interrupt this sewing for --handles-- Apparently I overlooked this somewhat important part of my bag

And look there's the pin cushion I made from this pattern. I'm so excited that I finally get to describe something I made as "wonky"!! I now understand the definition of this word, sort of unfortunate yes, but here is my wonky pin cushion and yeah my handles for my bag

Ready to be turned, or as I like to say, birthed

Yeah for me! This isn't the shape I pictured and the polka dots section isn't they way I imagined. I'm not surprised that it's not my exact vision, but no one else knows this isn't what I was dreaming of

A recessed zipper

I put more pockets in this one to try to keep track of the small stuff (and keys!!)

I've seen so many cool quilts with just random pieces wherever so I put some random placed and sized polka dots on my straps.


randi---i have to say said...

My girls think I am ridiculous when I turn my bags and say "it's a bag!". I think it is great to give birth to something so cute!

Great bag!

Sarah and Jack said...

The bag is super cute.

I just tried to buy that tree fabric at my Joanns and there was none! Sob, sad for me. LOL