Christmas Presents

Here are my nieces gifts for this year:

For Faith

For Gracie who loves giraffes

For Hope

For Paige

My button excitement hasn't ended. So I'm looking for the metal clips to make money clips for my nephews. If you've spotted them somewhere let me know.

I've decided that I'm making my girls blankets for Christmas. Eve picked out some black/pink skull fleece. Yes, I know, I did a big sigh when she found it because skulls aren't high on my list of loves. Abe found a black/gray plaid with skulls he liked so I want to sneak back and get it for him. Leigha found some really soft/really $$ pink that she liked, but I have a 50% coupon so I'll probably get it for her. Don't know what to get for her backing though, the pink is that "minky" material. Any suggestions?


Nate and Elizabeth said...

LOVE the packaging! LOVE it. I thought I had a good idea, but I like yours better. Can we work on those on Monday?