Nov 10- 2nd Craft Night

We had Grace join use in doing our one-hour bag. I feel that I need to add that I believe that the title given to it may be a farce.

It was Grace's first time using a sewing machine, and learning what things were- thread was tricky! For this project I just helped out since I had made my bag earlier, and I had brought a different project to work on.

Grace did an excellant job cutting, Elizabeth, well, she learned the right and wrongs of things as she went. Of course there were modificatons so after cutting we are at about 15 minutes.

After pinning, Grace gave it a go, a very slow go! Here's where Ms. Singer began to get spunky after being kept locked up for to long and Elizabeth's attention had to shift to other matters.

Grace did about half of her bag, and because we are at about 45 minutes now, I step in and help her with the rest of the bag. With her handle modificaton, and alloted breaks to help straighten out Ms. Singer I think the total time was maybe 2hr 15 minutes.

The completion of Grace's bag, was then the beginning of Elizabeth's. I think Ms. Singer was nervous around Miss Bernina. Elizabeth made it, ok a bit of hand cranking was involved, through getting the bag sewed together w/ the pocket by the time I left around 2, yeah that's a.m., and was left with the straps and sewing the hole closed in the lining.

Update: Elizabeth is taking Ms. Singer on an outing today for attitude adjustment. Hopefully they reconcile and pictures of these wonderous bags will follow.