November Purse and Why I Love my Husband

Here is my "one hour bag." I need to add that because of the changes I made to the bag, bigger with a longer adjustable strap, it was not really a one hour bag. I think I watched/listened to 3 movies while doing this bag.

This bag was made possible with help from my lovely husband. Sometimes I make things that are supposed to be very easy very complicated, and then enter husband. He made me a pattern with the measurements, and I think that somewhere inside of him is a crafter! He seems to enjoy each trip to Joann's a little more each time, and helps me pick stuff out now instead of just leaning on the cart. He also commented on the women to men ratio there and added that if he needed to find a new wife he'd start looking there.

I opted to use only one of the fabrics I had bought, and lined it with my "cream of wheat" fabric. With winter on it's way, I made the strap longer for ease over a thicker jacket. I also made button holes, for the first time ever by the way, in the strap so I can have it be shorter to sling over one shoulder or longer and wear it across my body. In her tutorial the buttons were just decoration, but I decided to actually use them on mine so the bag could be more versatile. It will have a "tail" when I shorten it, but that's just more character. I did a little zig-zag around the contrasting material on the end of the straps too, (another step I added).

I really want to use it tonight for the game, but as it is my "November bag" it's debut shall be tomorrow. I am so very excited for tomorrow!

Side note: Because I am addicted to these, I couldn't throw out any of my scraps because you never know!


Nate and Elizabeth said...

Okay, question - aren't the buttons going to snap under the weight of the stuff in your bag? I had assumed that that was why she only used them as decoration. Just wondering.