No Abduction Here

See it seems like forever since I've been here. It almost seems like it would be easier to turn my back on this than to try to fit this back into my life. But then what's the sense of having everything easy?

If technology was cooperating with me today, I'd show pictures of pajamas I've made, a new project, and the bestest of all my new stash of polka dots for my quilt and other fun fabrics for the above mentioned new project. But alas, either my camera, cord, or card is not liking me today.....

The weather is finally sunny and warm! This is making me want to make a bunch of light cotton skirts for those warm sticky summer days that are soon to be on there way.

I finally broke down and ordered fabric off the internet. I know you are thinking - What!! You are sooo behind the times!- but really there's something about going to the quilt shop and slowly strolling around while you take in bolt after bolt on the shelf. And I think you use a little for level headed thinking when you are actually out in public shopping instead of in your p.j.'s sitting in front of the computer spending your children's college funds on fabric while they are sleeping.

I also bought this pattern, and can't decide which to make first and for who! With 3 girls this is going to get a lot of use. I picked this up while I was buying fabric from SewMamaSew.

I saw this skirt here, and already have the fabric ordered for it. Ok actually for 2 skirts like this...seriously I couldn't stop myself and there weren't kids distracting me so I was all to focused on clicking "add to cart."

And for a very exciting finale, SewMamaSew is sponsoring another give-away! Go here and check it out!


Carrots said...

This is stinking cute, and I think people who sew clothes (skirts especially) are simply amazing. I have attempted to make a couple of clothing items from a pattern and it is no easy task. Fortunately, they were just costumes!! Anyway, I absolutely love your skirt in the above mentioned blog too, so darn cute. That is one of my goals for 40, to wear skirts. I don't love my legs, but I'm trying to get over it and just enjoy the freedom of skirts!
You have good taste in fabrics, too darn cute!
And I agree, shopping in person and being able to touch everything is way better than computer shopping. I like touchy, feely shopping!

Stacey said...

oh la la...that is an adorable skirt. good luck!