Finding Different Ways

I had so much I wanted to share, and it's kinda getting stock piled. My camera still isn't cooperating with me so I figured I'd use my card and daughter's camera. And guess worked so now the problem lies somewhere within my camera/cord system...errr technology!!

Any way I finally compiled enough polka dots for my quilt
(the bottom one was eliminated because the dots weren't definite enough, yeah my husband didn't understand)

Problem solving isn't really a strong point of mine. Here is attempt number 2 on trying to lay out my quilt.

I'm on piece number 9 with this. I really wish I had done it different, but I'm pretty sure ripping it all apart and attempting it a different way isn't really an option. Plus I might not have enough of some of the material and the polka dot quest is done for this project. Although I am afraid that I might be disappointed in the end and be wishing I had done it with 3 inch strips instead of irregular width pieces.

And here's a skirt I made for myself. I used a pattern because well see above.


Anonymous said...

That is an amazingly cool skirt. My favorite thing to wear in the summer, and this one is soooo amazing. Nice work.

Dan and Karen said...

This is such a neat skirt! Is it pieced? I want to make one! What pattern did you use, if you don't mind me asking!

Jess said...

It's Mcalls 4783. No, it's not pieced. I found this at Joanns, they had a couple different patterns to pick from