I wanted to post with a picture but not sure I could find one that really portrays the chaos that is going on inside my head. Sewing and craftiness is at a stand still. I realized something was wrong when I was trying to cut 8 curved petals into the fabric and was somehow getting 6 cubes. Time to put the scissors down and breath.... and speaking of breathing there is less than 2 weeks to finish 2 outfits!!!!!


Carrots said...

I understand this chaotic feeling. I find when I am at the end of a project, especially a quilt, I am so anxious to hurry and get it done, I start making all sorts of silly mistakes. That's usually the best time to walk away, come back to it when I'm refreshed.
I'm busting out and trying to check out more blogs, now that I have faster internet, I can actually accomplish this about 20 times faster.
Cute pics, and amazing sewing skills. Handmade clothes are wonderful, wish I was more patient in that area. Look forward to seeing your quilt. Polka dots, Fun!